Hoosteeno.com now with more WordPress than ever!

This blog has only a few readers who might notice (I’m looking at you, Boris) a burp in its content today. I apologize for that. I’ve decided to host it on WordPress.com for reasons that I will share in a separate post.

I did not migrate all the content. Much of it was just photos that I posted because Tumblr made posting photos so dang easy. I do not consider them to be archival material, unlike the timeless masterpieces that made the cut.

A Tumblr-to-Wordpress.com migration cannot include permalinks, which means old article URLs do not go anywhere anymore. Therefore I should apologize as well to the faithful search robots who have come back day in and day out to spider the same old content. Your confusion will not last.

Finally, to all readers old and new: This transition represents a turning point on Hoosteeno.com. Herewith there will be more.