Baby Sleeper Plans

bottomI promised last year to post the plans that I made when I built the baby sleeper that our baby slept on for the first six months of her life. Here they are! I made them in SketchUp, but doesn’t allow me to attach .skp files here so I’ve attached pictures instead.

This baby sleeper is designed to satisfy a handful of important requirements:

  1. It should fit commercially-available baby mattresses. We found a great organic mattress here sized 15″ x 35″, so that’s the size of this sleeper’s platform.
  2. It must prevent the baby from rolling off the sleeper onto the floor. So it has high walls on 3 sides.
  3. It should put the baby at the same height as her parents — the top of her mattress should be even with the top of the adult mattress.
  4. It must keep the baby mattress and the adult mattress right next to each other, touching. Any gap between the mattresses can be quite dangerous!

Adult beds come in all sizes and designs. We have a platform bed, and these plans are for our bed. Unless you have the exact bed we have, you will probably  need to modify this design. If your bed has a nice fat lip next to the mattress, one edge of the sleeper can rest on the lip. If your bed has a box spring, you will probably want to incorporate some flat slats of wood to go between your mattress and your box spring to help support the sleeper on the front. On the rear are legs that rest on the floor.

Construction details:

  • I made the entire sleeper box, platform and walls from scrap plywood. Every joint is glued. I used assorted deck screws from a pile on my workbench to pull the joints tight.
  • I made the legs from electrical conduit with a conduit socket threaded into a plumbing fixture attaching the legs to the the sleeper (see picture above). I wrapped the bottoms of the legs with an old bike tube to protect the floor. I added some felt pads to the front supporting edge, which sits on the lip of the platform bed.
  • I sanded the sleeper very smooth first with sandpaper and then with steel wool. I filled in big gaps with wood patch. I finished the sleeper with several coats of a tung oil finish, well rubbed. I let the finished sleeper off-gas in the sun and wind for several weeks.
  • In the photo above you will see some holes I drilled in the bottom of the sleeper: These are for stout rope which I used to tightly bind the sleeper to the lip of our platform bed. The photo below shows how tight a fit it was.

attached to bed

Here are some general instructions that may help adapt these plans to another bed:

  1. Measure from the floor to the top of your mattress. In our case it was 15 7/8″.
  2. Subtract from that measurement the height of the baby mattress you bought (for us it was 1 1/2″). The resulting number is the height that the platform must be off the ground. In our case it was 14 3/8″.
  3. Measure from the lip of your bed, or from the top of the box spring, to the top of your mattress.
  4. Subtract from that measurement the height of the baby mattress you bought. The resulting number is the distance between the platform and the bottom of your front edge support. The front edge support is either the box that rests on the lip of your bed, or the slats that slide between your mattress and your box spring. In the drawings below this is 4″ plus the thickness of the platform board (5/8″) and the thickness of the board at the bottom of the box (5/8″), or 5 1/4″.
  5. Measure from your front edge support (the lip of your bed or the top of your box spring) to the ground. The resulting number is the height that your sleeper’s legs will be, minus the thickness of any supporting materials. In our case the legs were 8 1/2″ after I subtracted the thickness of the extra support plank running along the rear edge.

This sleeper was a great way to keep our baby very close at night without putting her in bed with us.

Our baby enjoyed the baby sleeper that I built from these plans, but I cannot guarantee that you or your baby will. By viewing these plans you agree to accept all responsibility for any outcome resulting from your use of them; you agree that your family’s well-being is entirely beyond the control of any party involved in the creation or publication of these plans and instructions; you signal your understanding that these plans are provided here as-is with no warranty and are shared under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license. If you cannot agree to these terms and you want a great baby sleeper, buy one.


Baby Sleeper Plans